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RZ-36 White

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Helmet RZ-36 Large White Sa2020

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Model: RZ-70E Switch


Zamp Racing is proud to announce our revolutionary RZ-70E SWITCH helmet. Our unique system allows you to easily configure your helmet for a variety of racer setups by removing a cheek pad and three screws. Adding communication or hydration to your helmet has never been so easy!


 This helmet features the new DDAIR-SYSTEM, a new dual-density air integration relief system. Full 360-degree air channeling providing ultimate airflow. Cool air enters the helmet, warm air leaves the helmet.


·        Composite Aramid Mix Lightweight Shell

·        Z-Design in Shell circulates air throughout the shell utilizing large internal channels

·        Channels in Chin Bar EPS allow for easy mounting of communications/microphone, drink tube.

·        ZF-20 Series 3mm Clear Shield with Tear Off Posts which use 12.125 inch banana style Tear Offs

·        M6 Inserts for Head & Neck Restraint

·        Triangle Caps – Aero Cap OR Communication Cap

-Aero Cap for Open Wheel

-Comm Cap for Easy Communication Install or Hydration

-Fits Left or Right, Easy to Reconfigure

·        Installation available for Communications and Hydration

·        FIA 8859-2015/Snell SA-2015 Approved

·        Sizes Available: Gloss White, Gloss Black (XS-XXL)
Orange/Yellow Graphic, Blue/Light Blue Graphic (XS-XXL)


Sug. Retail : $443.95 Solids;  $465.95 Graphics

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